A safe space for conversation

Divorce Mediation

Calm help through difficult discussions 

Is Divorce Mediation right for you?

Maybe you and your spouse have talked about how to divide your property or about a schedule for the kids, but the conversation quickly gets derailed.  Or maybe you haven't been able to find an option that works for both of you.  A mediator can help a couple talk to each other - especially about sensitive or difficult topics.  

Mediators are neutral.  They don't take sides or offer legal advice.  And, they aren't judges who make the decision.  Instead, they help facilitate communication and brainstorming. 

Like the Collaborative Process, mediation involves a series of meetings between the couple and their mediator.  Because the mediator does not offer legal advice, divorce mediation clients should consider hiring an attorney who can advise them individually of their rights and options.  Sometimes the couple's attorneys attend mediation sessions; sometimes the attorneys do not attend. 

As a mediator, I create a creative space for couples in conflict to say what they value, to have difficult conversations. and to be heard and understood in order to reach resolution and divorce with dignity.