A team approach to resolving disagreements

Collaborative Divorce

The expertise of a team who understand communication, co-parenting, budgeting, taxes, divorce and custody law, and more to support you through divorce. 

What is the Collaborative Process?

Divorce can be overwhelming.  Sometimes it's hard to know what questions to ask or where to get the best information and advice.  With the Collaborative Process, you have a team of professionals to provide support, information and expertise during your divorce.  A Collaborative Team must include two Collaboratively-trained attorneys (one for each client) and may include other professionals such as Collaborative Coaches, a Child Specialist, and a Financial Neutral.  

You and your spouse meet with your Collaborative attorneys and/or other team members to work together to reach agreement about dividing your property and raising your children.  Collaborative Coaches help you create a parenting plan, work on communication, and generate strategies for managing emotions during the Collaborative meetings.  The Child Specialist can offer insight to you on your children's needs.  After gathering the family's financial information, the Financial Neutral helps you and your spouse each create a budget and understand your financial situation. This support and information is invaluable as you make decisions with your spouse about custody, child support, the division of property, and other issues that are important to you.

In the Collaborative Process, you and your spouse retain control of the pace and decision-making.  Your Collaborative Team helps you reach a mutually-acceptable, durable settlement agreement.  Once you have reached agreement, your Collaborative attorneys will draft a contract for you both to sign, memorializing your agreement.  You can then file for an uncontested divorce and avoid an expensive, lengthy court process.